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DPO as a Service

Subscription and hourly support of the DPO function in accordance with the legal acts on personal data of the Russian Federation, the EU, the CIS countries, MENA and Asian region.

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Denis Lukash
"External DPO takes responsibility for the current personal data issues of the Client-company without distracting the client’s internal team, understands the inner corporate culture and risk approaches"

Denis Lukash

Managing partner of Lukash & Partners, DPO, lawyer practicing in the field of information law

Why DPO as a Service?

Legal responsibility

Under the Russian Personal Data Law (No. 152-FZ), every operator of personal data, which is a legal entity, is obliged to appoint a person responsible for organizing the processing of personal data (a Data Protection Officer). The operator also is required to notify the Russia's federal communications agency, Roscomnadzor, about this person. The law allows attracting an external company or a specialist to perform the functions of the DPO. We are ready to take over full responsibility for the DPO-function in your company.

Support of the Internal Compliance

When the package of local normative acts on personal data protection is ready, signed and entered into force, new business directions evolve, new customer requests emerge, and new implementation problems arise. The living business needs the personal data compliance to proceed. Our business expertise is of high level. We are always in touch. We are here to help you to find a way in labyrinths of personal data regulations, practices and technologies.

Project-oriented Compliance is left behind – DPO as a Service is what You Need

Together with the Client we set the strategy and divide the so-called Project into small parts (micro-tasks). Later on, the processes are brought into compliance – from the more critical to the less critical micro-tasks. The result and efficiency of compliance are visible at every stage. In-house DPOs share this approach. So does DPO as a Service.

Help or Alternative to the in-house DPO

Experienced and efficient DPOs are expensive and hard to find. At the same time, their expertise may no longer be needed to the extent that it was needed before the company's processes have become lined. In such a situation, the in-house DPO is no more loaded with specific tasks. In other cases, an in-house DPO may be short-handed. A professional external DPO (DPO as a Service) signed a subscription or an hourly contract with the Operator becomes a great solution.

Advantages of the External DPO service over the project approach

The result of personal data processing legalization becomes predictable

No large one-time fee is paid, and consequently there are fewer risks for Companies. Negotiations become much easier

Supporting internal specialists works in a regular mode – they are not distracted on new issues that they have no capacity to handle

Continuous work allows to better understand the risk culture of the Company and provide the Client with business-oriented working solutions

A specific business process can be assessed and designed simultaneously in several jurisdictions

Under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the customer may terminate the service contract at any time

What to Expect at Your Initial Free of Charge Consultation?

The assessment of the your Problem and the cost of the Service you need to solve it

Gaining deep understanding of what you really need: DPO as a Service or an in-house expert performing the data protection function

Getting acknowledged with the principles of collaborative work of the external DPO, internal lawyers and information security specialists

Discussing the details and nuances of contracting with an external DPO

Understanding the difference between Project Compliance and DPO as a Service, whether there are contradictions between them or not

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