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Developing a strategy for effective and economical data privacy compliance

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Denis Lukash
"The effectiveness and cost of personal data compliance depends on strategic decisions"

Denis Lukash

Managing partner of Lukash & Partners, DPO, lawyer practicing in the field of information law

Why do you need a compliance strategy for personal data?


The services of a consultant or internal expert in personal data protection are expensive. The strategy significantly reduces the cost of a compliance project and subsequent support of the completed project.


Lack of strategy results in a situation when some of the developed documents are not used, and the ones that are used are not updated in time due to contradictions with business processes.


You gain understanding of the expected results, resources required and the level of risk assumed before the project starts.

How do we develop a personal data compliance strategy?

  • 1
    We discuss business strategy and key business processes

    In cyber era privacy-strategy is the core of any business strategy

  • 2
    We discuss major and minor points focal points of business, risk culture of the company

    Everything has its priority and price in the sphere of privacy protection

  • 3
    We arrange a plan business objectives’ achievement while meeting personal data requirements

    The result can be unexpected!

  • 4
    As a result you get a detailed plan for handling personal data processes in your business

    List of steps or a well-structured and designed report

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The cost of the 2-hour strategy session is 15,000 rubles. A company with a large number of business processes may need more time.

For a small company it will be 2 hours and more. A corporation will need dozens of hours.

If you do not like the strategy session – we will refund your money after and for the first hour of consultation.

The session is a consulting project. Its aim is to develop a step-by-step plan for you to comply with the applicable personal data legislation under the guidance of an experienced Data Protection Officer.

In general, you can do that during the strategic session. However, we recommend arranging a separate consultation for this. A strategy session is a different format of consulting that has a specific goal.

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