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9-hour workshop on personal data

One-day seminar on compliance with the federal law «On Personal Data» № 152-FL. We start from the scratch – from the concept of "personal data" – and finish with sophisticated, challenging and driving master classes.

Corporate personal data training

We train personnel, corporate lawyers and in-house DPOs within the company. We provide exclusive lectures on personal data protection focusing on the particularities of your Company.

Денис Лукаш, юрист по защите персональных данных
"I invest years of experience as of Roskomnadzor inspector, internal DPO and personal data consultant into my courses"

Denis Lukash

Managing partner of Lukash & Partners, DPO, lawyer practicing in the field of information law

9-hour workshop on personal data

At the workshop you will learn:
  1. How DPOs categorize personal data, operators and processors, and deal with personal data subjects.
  2. What are the limits of the DPO, how and in what way DPO can assist the business
  3. What supervisory authorities may come to your company and hold an inspection due to the problems with personal data processing, and what violations will cost the most.
  4. What to consider in the light of recent personal data legislation changes, including cross-border transfers, leaks, use of UBS (The Unified Biometric System that was launched in Russia on June 30).
We will pay special attention to the practical topics:
  1. Together we will analyze true contract mistakes that may evolve between the operator and the processor of personal data. We will select strategies for negotiations with the counterparties.
  2. Together we will discuss how Roskomnadzor actually arrange and hold inspections, including the inspections based on personal data incidents.
  3. Together we will talk about the latest trends in legalizing the processing of employees' personal data in international holding structures (such as Workday or SAP).
  4. We will reveal to you how Roskomnadzor can trace violations through checking your websites, how to finalize your website, and what you need to improve in your website’s features from the perspective of lawful personal data processing.
  5. We will tell you secrets of how to legalize the processing of personal data in ACS (access control systems).

Corporate personal data training

The author's training in the field of information privacy for corporate lawyers and in-house DPOs
  • Is based on the broad experience in consulting and in-house support of Russian and international holding structures in the field of personal data protection, as well as on the experience in supporting such Companies during the Roskomnadzor inspections.
  • As a result of the training, the efficiency of decision-making will increase, the range of possible shortcomings and costs of personal data protections compliance will be identified, as well as acceptable levels of acceptance of privacy risks and ways of achievement of the planned results.
  • The closed corporate format of the training will allow for a frank conversation about how to balance business interests and how to become compliant with personal data requirements.
Some topics we could also rise during the training
  • Principles of Privacy Compliance Management in International Holding Structures
  • Principles of personal data processing legalizing in typical and complex processes, and processes made even more complex due to the multilevel IT architecture
  • Interaction with the personal data subject, organization of the interaction process, assessment of legal risks
  • Data Processing Agreement, transmission, data transfer abroad, multilateral international exchange of personal data
  • Conditions of personal data processing, including consents of data subjects, withdrawals and requests for termination of processing
  • Roskomnadzor inspections, preparation for the inspections and support of the Company during the inspections, elimination of the GDPR violations, issues of joint implementation of the GDPR rules along with the rules of the federal law «On Personal Data» № 152-FZ

The training involves formation of understanding of the company's core business and aligning the content area.

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